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Musgrove and Ketchum families

of Illinois, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Ketchum farm near Kaw City, Oklahoma, is now deep below Kaw Lake. Where the Ketchum children and, later, the Musgrove children, played now belongs to the fish.

Frankly, as a genealogy source, these pages are fairly worthless. When I started, I had no real understanding of what I was doing, and failed to note references. I do have some documentation, but, for the most part,  I have failed to include that documentation here. However, Berry Spradley's and Charles Thurman's pages (links below) do contain documentation. I am enormously indebted to them--to people who have done genuine research as opposed to those (like me) who have, for the most part, merely copied the work of others.

I have found conflicts and guesswork in my investigations; I suppose that is almost always the case when records are sparse and, sometimes, centuries old. There are certainly errors here. I have found errors on the Spradley pages and I have no doubt compounded some errors by the simple mechanism of typing in, for example, a wrong date.

Perhaps, despite my own inadequacies as a researcher and compiler,  something here will provide you with a starting point.

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Musgrove and Ketchum Genealogy

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