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Lambert-Bennett families

for surnames Lambert, Bennett, Teter, Phares, Judy, Hinkle, Wimer, and others, mostly from Pendleton County, West Virginia, and nearby, and those who wandered from there.

Lorenzo Dow Bennett home in West VirginiaFirst, you need to know that I've done absolutely no original research. What I have here I owe to my aunt, Ramona Lambert Ralstin, and to some fine distant cousins I have met via the internet. I do have copies of some documents verifying some data; some is taken directly from other genealogy pages such as this; some has come from information graciously sent me. I want to especially thank Frank Cochran, D. Hickman, and Dick Phares, from whom I have stolen without mercy.

I know there are mistakes here--mine and, no doubt, others'.

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